face mask
  • face mask

    8,00 €Price

    handmade face mask in different hues

    • available in two different fabrics (100% og cotton and 100%og cotton velour)
    • lining 100% cotton, color natural
    • strapes, made of recycled fabrics
    • only one size, fits women and men


    Please note: the fabric masks does not protect you (= non medical product), they only may protect others!


    Oxidation: turquise and brown hues, marbled

    Cherry blossom: rosa, pink and brown hues, marbled

    Bark: warm brown hues, slightly marbled

    Aubergine: purple brown with dark green shades

    Logwood: ozean blue with reddish brown marbled shades

    Earth: a mix of green, brown, yellow and slightly orange hues

    Aqua: blue and turquoise

    Forest: dark green with brown, marbled

    Misty moon: shades of grey, light and dark marbled

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