Amalasuntha dress/ tunic

The Amalasuntha dress/tunic is finally back!

this dress/tunics has unique seam deatils on one the side and opposite sleeve, what makes this dress so special! the hem is hemmed but has a raw look!

this year it´s made of organic cotton with fleece inside to keep you warm during the colder seasons!

you can choose your favorite color and size!


Size: 36 to 38 (small)

Color: one of a kind (rusty organge red)


the item is dyed with low impact dyes, also known as fiber reactive dyes and the turnaround time is about 10 working days!


Fabric: 95% organic cotton 5%spandex

  • hand dyed hues

    DISCLAIMER: Every dye bath varies. While I work hard to create consistent hues, please note that every dye bath is unique as such as the dye patterns and shades of the item you purchase. Due to the range of variances bath to bath we DO NOT offer exchanges on dye characteristics alone.

    -By purchasing this garment you are agreeing to these terms!-

120,00 €Price