Colors & hues

Here you can see all available colors with a short desribtion below each to be clear about which hues it can contain,

please keep in mind that when you buy hand dyed garments every piece and dye pattern is unique & varies from dye bath to dye bath!

If you have any question dont hesitate to contact me, I´m always happy to help!


marbled dark green hues with blueish, cold undertones

November Rain

beautiful greyish blue shades, marbled with soft blue/white parts


has brown hues from bright to darker shades and grey hues with slightly blue undertones!

River rust

from rusty orange to hazelnut brown with very littlelight green/grey undertones

Misty moon

combo has shades from light grey to dark grey, the pattern can vary from dye to dye.

 Wild plum

it´s a mix of blue, red and brown hues, marbled!

Midnight sky

has marbled dark blue hues, with shades of grey and lighter parts like clouds in the midnight sky.

Boulder & Moss

mix of grey/ white to

rust colored moss shades!


reddish brown colors, marbled with green/ sand undertones

 Withered Blossom
now it has light and medium brown hues with soft pink/rose hues,
strong marbled


has differnt hues like shown in the pictures, it has green /blueish shades with copper brown, the pattern varies from dye bath ot dye bath


is a marbled color with black, different shades of brown and partly some light green

Golden leaves

mostly soild color which looks like gold, brass and ochre united in our hue

(shown: bralette, part

in the middle)


is a brown color with green shades, marbled like the forest itself

(shown: front & bottom


is warm brown color with marbled shades (waistband, lower pockets, side panel)

Camel see solid colors


combines vibrant orange hues with dark brown marbled patterns, the pattern does vary from dye to dye.

Brown color see solid colors!

 Lilac tree
has soft lilac shades matching soft and darker brown hues, toghether the create some dark green shades as well
Kata Tjuta
almost solid rusty orange hue,*very slight marbels
is a grey to sand colored hue with white parts as well, strong marbled
Sandstone, only available on request!

Pictures coming soon!


is a dark brown color, with warm orange undertones

looks like coffee/ dark chocolate

the following color are only available on request

is the most vibrant color, form pink to purple shades with some white parts, strong marbled look


dreamy blues/ turquiose hues  marbled with medium brown/green hues,

strong marbled