Our gallery is made to give you an impression of our

designs & colors we offer in our made to order section!

Please keep in mind that hand dyed hues & dye patterns can slightly vary from dye to dye,

as well as from fabric to fabric! That makes your item very unique!

If you don´t like that maybe our hand dyed hues are not the right ones for you!

Atlantis & Camel

Atlantis is a soft blue/ turquiose marbled with soft grey hues

Camel is a medium brown, which has a slighty marbled effect

Frozen Cave

Frozen cave is a turquise blue with shades of light blue/ bluegreen

Cosmic magic & Dark Olive

Cosmic magic has lilac/violet hues, marbled.

Dark olive is a darker green with marbled shades.

Midnight Sky

This color has marbled dark blue hues, with shades of grey and lighter parts like clouds in the midnight sky.

Hues description:

Rusty red: organge and red hues, marbled

Olive: medium green, with slightly marbled pattern


Red brown/ green: warm brown with shades od red and olive green hues, two hues marbeld together

Terra: soft orange hues with darker orange hues, marbled

Orange brown: a brown with untertones of orange (warm hue)

Camel: light brown hues with slightly orange undertones (warm hues)

October: medium brown with slightly green untertones (warm hues)

September: darker brown with mediun brown and green undertones

Desert storm: light earthy brown with shades of orange

Morning frost: light marbeld grey with slightly light blue marbles


Atlantis: marbled jade colored pattern with light grey marbles

Moon dust: marbled with dark blue/grey hues (cold hues)

Marbled green: marbled green hues, color is changing with day-/ and electric light (more green or more brown)