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About S.o.l. 

Spirit of lunar is a visionary slow fashion brand founded in 2017.

The focus is to create sustainable long lasting garments with natural fabrics.

I´m a one-woman-show which means I do it all over here

from ordering fabrics, hand dyeing them, cutting, pattern drafting, sewing over shipping to customer service!

I prefer to work on a collection basis with a limited color chart each time!

Why mainly Made-to-order?

For me it's most important to create garments which only get produced after you had the chance to make a concious decision if you really want to place an order,

to avoid rushed impulse purchases!

Therefore the production process starts after you placed your order!

(excluded pants shown in the pictures for sale purpose on the website)

All fabrics I use for my designs are only made for my business,

directly from the manufacturer! The reason why is to make sure only the quantity I need gets produced and nothing will be wasted, to saves resources!

Therefore I dont use about deadstock fabrics, please do some reseach if you want to know more about it :)


About Me

Hej, my name is Nadja, I'm an educated garment maker and started my sewing journey back in 2010 with zero skills and knowledge about pattern making + sewing. In 2014 i started a trainging to become a garment maker and thought i could start right away when finishing it back in 2016. After lots of sewing, trial and error, learing and evolving  I decided to start my own business in 2017!  


High qualtity and durablity is most important for me! For a perfectionist I dont settle for any less and in this case my biggest weakness is my biggest strength!

Long lasting, comfy pants which feel like a hug with a fabulous look!

To be fully transparent i would like to let you know that i use bamboo and hemp blend fabrics, both are very sustainable fibers but to get the perfect fabrics is requires small amount of cotton + spandex as well!


To make every garments so unique in color + dye pattern, i dye all the fabrics myself eith different methods but always with fiber reactive dyes, also know as low impact dyes.


 Hand dyed garments are more sensitive than common dyed fast fashion !

Therefore I recommend the following

care instructions:

  • -wash separately 1-3 washed to avoid discoloration

  • -wash inside out

  • -only cold hand wash /gentle program

  • -hang to dry & avoid direct sunlightt


wash separately 1.-3. washes to avoid discoloration!

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