Spirit of lunar is a visionary slow fashion brand founded in 2017.

The focus is to create sustainable long lasting garments with natural fabrics.

Every item is made by the owner Nadja,

from ordering fabric, cutting, pattern drafting, sewing over shipping

to customer service!

Nadja, the owner: "while my trainee to become a garment maker is realizied what it really means working as in a fashion based production, how bad the working conditions are, how fast fashion is commanly produced these days and also how much waste the fast fashion system procude. This was the point where i decided to start running my own business with sustainable matrials, long lasting qualtiy and good working conditions."

-made  to express your emotions on a visual level-


S.O.L. uses sustainable bamboo fabrics to make sure we can offer you a long lasting, ecofriendly & high quality garment! During the years we found the this material combines all our claims!



Every item is hand dyed with fiber reactive dyes, also know

as low impact dyes!